Monday, April 5, 2010

Surviving the Hospital Stay: Must Bring Items

I stayed in the hospital for a few days this week and thought I should be writing this piece for all of you Sassy Chicks out there. I know when you're feeling like hell you don't care about how you look, especially when every part of your body is painful. I understand that part, it ain't easy being sick and even if you don't wanna look terrible, chances are 99% you look really horrible.  I know don't raise your eyebrows at me, just telling the truth here. 

I don't think it's a reason to look terrible and stop taking care of yourself just because you are in the hospital. Unless of course if you become severely ill and would not be able to groom yourself, that would  be excusable. However, if you are able to there is no excuse not to get groomed.

What To Pack?

Here is a list of things that you will need should the doctor tell you to stay in the hospital for a few days.

1. Baby wipes- make sure that you have a few packs or bottles of alcohol free baby wipes stocked at your place. This is very useful especially when you are in the hospital. You can use this as feminine wipes and at the same time clean surfaces with it as well as your hands.

2. Toiletries- don't forget to bring these ones along, a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner, a small bottle of body wash, a small bottle of lotion, feminine wash, toothpaste and toothbrush, mouthwash, deodorant or antiperspirant whichever you prefer. Don't forget your facial toner or cleanser.

3. Lip gloss or lip balm - I personally take this one with me even in the hospital. The air conditioning unit in the room usually makes my lip chap and dry. That is of course is unsightly and so to prevent that I carry a gloss or balm with me.

4. Pack your favorite PJs - a nice cotton pj is great for hospital stays or a cotton shorts and cotton tank top. Make sure that it is clean and still looks good. You don't want to wear a rag where everybody sees you. Wearing nice things even when you're sick helps increase your sense of well being and people who feels good about themselves have higher chances of recovering quickly.

5. Pack your good undies - here's a fact most of the time doctors will be examining your body and that means you may have to expose a part of your body. You definitely don't want them to see your grandma's panties right? It is embarrassing if you wear bras with stretched out straps that looks like it could be thrown out to the trash or panties that are faded and has stains on it. Your undies will speak about who you are. What kind of person are you, if you are clean or a lazy louse. So, pack those good ones and discard the worn out ones.

6. Bring your fave cologne- nothing repels another person than a bad smell. Make sure while you are in the hospital that you are clean and smelling good. You might ask help from the nurse on duty or the nurse assistant to help you bathe if you have  difficulty in doing so. Spritz on your favorite cologne to give you that clean fresh feeling. Make sure that you use a scent that attracts people not repel them lol. Some colognes have the heavy musty smell and frankly speaking you must avoid that especially in a closed room, it would be enough to give the medical team a headache for the rest of the shift.

7. Bring your fave book/ psp - it could be very boring to stay in the hospital with nothing to do. This will be a good time to catch on with some reading. You could bring your favorite book or magazine to pass the time away, or else bring your psp to entertain yourself. If it is not against the hospital policies you could bring your laptop with you.

8.Bring some goodies - if you are allowed to eat sweets or chips bring some along or you could bring extra chocolates and offer it to your doctors and nurses. They would definitely love that and this is one way of establishing rapport with them and you can be sure they will take good care of you while you are there.

9. Thank you cards- a small thing can go a long long way. Give thank you cards to the nursing staff and your doctors to let them feel that you appreciate what they did for you. You can give these when you are being discharged. They will remember you and should you be hospitalized again you have made some friends around and they will accommodate your needs and make sure you get a vip treatment.

10. Air Freshener or potpourri- I know you are not going on a holiday vacation, if you are like me I like to stay in a freshly scented room. Hospitals have this distinct kind of odor that makes me feel nauseous and so I like to bring a small air freshener and  hang it where the air conditioner is or a handful of potpourri wrapped in a net like cloth just to freshen up the room.

Never Forget To Bring:

Of all things in your to do list never forget to bring the following:

1. Hospital Record/ No.- If you have a hospital record already don't forget to bring that so it would be easy to pull up your records of previous hospitalization. This will also give a good deal of information to your attending physician and the nursing team and will greatly help in the planning for your care.

2.Recent Laboratory Tests- If you had undergone any laboratory test within 6 months prior to your hospitalization bring it along as this will help the doctor in evaluating your present health status.

3. Maintenance Medication- Do not forget to bring your maintenance meds, this will save you money should your physician allow you to continue taking it.

4. Insurance Cards/Medicare Card- You would be needing this during admission. You could save a lot of money from hospital bills when you present your insurance or medicare cards. If you are an insurance holder the hospital will ask for your card as a proof that you are indeed the owner of that insurance policy.

5. ATM/Credit Cards - Should your insurance not shoulder all the bills or your credit limit has been used up, make sure you have your atm card or credit card with you to pay the excess bills not covered by your health insurance or medicare. It will save you the panic and the embarrassment of not being able to pay your bill.

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