Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Favorite Makeup Guru

Hey Guys!

If you are a makeup junkie like me you most certainly like to experiment with different looks and  getting new ideas on "how to" do this and that.  Hmmm...what better way of getting new ideas on how to look like that hot celebrity or look like a hot bombshell than getting tips and tutorials from a professional makeup guru right? There are several makeup artists who give away their professional tips and tutorials for free and since this is my blog lolz I am biased (big grin)!

My favorite makeup guru is no other than Marlena a.k.a. the Makeup Geek. If you know Marlena and following her thru her website or youtube tutorials good for you and for those who don't this is your lucky day! Okay, let's cut the chase let me tell you who Marlena is. Well she is a professional makeup artist from the United States and to be exact she lives in Michigan.  Everybody knows her as the makeup geek and she has a very successful youtube following. Although there are several makeup gurus on youtube I love Marlena because she is fun and down to earth. Her tutorials are easy and practical as well as very informative.

I'll let you sample some of her works and definitely a collection of my fave Makeup Geek tutorials. I hope you like it too :-)! To get to know Marlena More you can visit her website or read an interview with Marlena.

Think this one is a perfect everyday makeup.... this one is my afternoon pretty... Love this one so much!

Post It Note Tuesday: Random Thoughts

It's post it Tuesday yippeee! Here are my pint size thoughts!

Been seeing the doc lately and I am starting to scratch my head, the professional fees are killing me...

My neighbor's grandson is a menace grrr...he pulls the plants in the neighborhood and today he pulled mine and this is the third time already! I'm nearly loosing it!

 A relative of mine was confined in the hospital and I came for a visit just in time for the nurse to give him his NGT feeding. She was very impolite and arrogant and I gave her a piece of my mind.

Geez...what have I been doing lately? Yes I have been shopping online ...and  as usual I bought a lot.

I have a recurring tonsilitis since November...ooouucchh! 

My dog Louise is learning basic commands at an amazing pace :)! I'm one happy pet owner except for the poop and pee thingy which I am working on....

That's all folks. Sorry this is late was very busy didn't have time to catch my breath!
- The Single Sassy Chick

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Curing Zits The Natural Way

Zits can appear every now and then and it's most annoying when it pops up on a big day! Geez, it certainly drives me nuts when it happens. Over the years I have used different OTC (over the counter) zit preparation like benzoyl peroxide to get rid of the zits and occasional bad breakouts.  It did help in getting rid of those unsightly blemishes and so I stick with it for a long time. But as health advocates started to campaign for natural products to increase awareness among the general population, I decided to try using natural products to cure zits.I found it very effective in getting rid of the blemishes and it's very pocket friendly as well ;-) Here's what I used:

Bitter Gourd/ Ampalaya (Momordica charantia):

Bitter Gourd is now gaining popularity not just as a vegetable but for its medicinal properties. Aside from lowering down blood sugar in diabetic people, this vegetable has an antimicrobial property too. I have personally experimented with this when I had a bad breakout. I took one medium sized bitter gourd and grated it, took the grated fleshy part and squeezed out the juice. Then I placed the bitter gourd extract inside a clean small bottle and stored it inside the refrigerator. I would thinly apply the extract all over my face and leave it on the entire night and after 2 days the zits were clearing out. By the third day the zits were totally gone. I know for some this might seem like a hassle but it's worth trying especially if you are low on your budget. Plus one of the big bonus I get by going natural is that there are no toxins in my skin which are produced by the chemicals used in commercially prepared pimple products. Thereby lessening the likelihood of premature aging.

Guava / Bayabas (Psidium Guajava):

Guava is most notable not just for its delicious fruit but for its medicinal properties. A proven antimicrobial used in wound care, guava leaves are also used for curing pimples and zits by taking a handful of young guava leaves and boiling it in 2-3 cups of water. Wash your face with  warm water from the boiled guava leaves. apply your cleanser and get 2-3 pieces of the boiled guava leaves and use it as a facial scrub. Scrub it gently all over your face and wash it with the remaining water from the boiled leaves. This also helps in getting rid of the blemishes and prevents breakouts. It makes the skin  look visibly clear and pimple free.

Malunggay (Moringa oelifera):

Moringa or malunggay is considered as a poor man's vegetable but today it is gaining popularity for it's medicinal use. Moringa grows widely in southeast Asia especially in the Philippines where it grows abundantly all over the country. This miracle vegetable is loaded with vitamins and minerals and helps cure several ailments including skin conditions.  Last year, I had  developed cellulitis on my index finger due to an allergic reaction to detergents. It was such a bad case, my finger looked like a sausage and it was severely painful. At the same time I had a bad pimple breakout. A good friend of mine who is a health enthusiast gave me pure moringa capsules which I took twice a day. After taking two tablets on the first day the swelling disappeared, on the second day my finger was near normal and my blemishes were gone. On the third day my finger looked very normal and on the fourth day it was completely healed and I was pimple free too. I experimented taking the moringa capsules when I had a bad breakout of pimples and the results were amazing! After a day the pimples was gone! Ever since that day I would regularly take moringa capsules like a daily supplement. I never experience having zits and cellulitis ever again. The capsules are sold very cheap, so it's affordable and very effective. For those who wants to have great looking skin I suggest you take moringa capsules every day.
Benefits of Going Natural:
1. Cheap and readily available. You don't need to break your bank to buy that anti acne cream. No need to wait until the product arrives when it's sold out because it's abundant everywhere.

2. Won't cause premature aging. Most of these facial creams and anti- acne creams that are commercially prepared are harmful to our skin. The chemicals produces toxins that can cause premature skin aging and even skin allergies. When you go natural it is guaranteed fresh with no preservatives or harmful chemicals that can damage your skin.

3. No side effects. Natural remedies do not cause side effects when used properly and in appropriate amounts compared to commercially prepared products. There are no synthetic chemicals that are used so there is no worry of overdose and side effects.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tuesday Couch Potatoes: 50 First Dates

The movie that reminds me of summer fun and finding love is none other than 50 First Dates, Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The movie soundtrack is so cool and the scenes from the movie is mostly around the beach which usually symbolizes summer.

Imagine having to win over the girl of your dreams... every friggin' day.

About The Film:

Henry Roth (Adam Sandler), a marine-life veterinarian living in Hawaii, meets Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore), an art teacher, in a cafe one morning. They eventually develop a relationship, but it soon emerges that Lucy suffers from anterograde amnesia due to a car accident she was in a year earlier. Her condition has left her with no memory of anything between the day of the accident and the present, because she is incapable of converting short-term memories into long-term memories. At the beginning of each day, she loses all memory of the past day. She innocently believes every day to be October 13, 2002. Her father and brother attempt to reenact the activities of October 13th, her father's birthday, every day, to prevent her from suffering from learning about the accident. Because of Lucy's condition, Henry is forced to find new and imaginative ways of winning Lucy over every day, to the disapproval of her father and brother. They order him to stop meeting her at the cafe, fearing that he will take advantage of her innocent state. Henry, in keeping with his promise, contrives to meet her each day as she is on the road driving home from the cafe. Her father and brother soon find out that he is still meeting her, because every time Lucy "meets" Henry she sings Wouldn't It Be Nice while she paints the garage. They agree to allow Henry to see Lucy because they appreciate his determination and the fact that he makes her happy, and the next morning Henry shows up at their house with a video explaining the accident and everything that has happened since. One day, Lucy wakes up to find Henry in her bed after spending the night together, doesn't recognize him, and attacks him. Henry leaves the room, and Lucy then overhears her doctor and Henry talking about how he will never achieve his dream to explore the Arctic and how Henry hopes and believes Lucy will remember him from day to day. Lucy then breaks up with Henry, feeling that she is keeping him from living his life fully, and burns all her journal entries about him so her memory of him will be gone for good. Henry is unable to move on with his life, but he decides to go on the Arctic expedition anyway. Lucy's father gives him a going away present, a Beach Boys CD, which Henry takes as a sign that Lucy has remembered him. He races back to the ward for people who have memory problems, where Lucy decided to live because she no longer wanted to be a burden on her family. Lucy is teaching an art class to the other inhabitants when Henry bursts into the room. He asks if she remembers him, and she doesn't, but oddly she asks him to come into her studio. Much to Henry's surprise, her studio is filled with pictures of Henry in hundreds of different styles. She tells Henry that she doesn't know why she's painted them, but she dreams about him every night. Henry tells her about their past relationship, and they kiss to seal it. At the end of the movie, there is a flash forward and Lucy wakes up in a strange bed with a video tape on the night stand next to her, reading "Good Morning Lucy" on the table. She watches it, and she cries as she relives her accident while the tape is explaining everything that has happened. Then it shows Henry and Lucy's wedding. She then looks out the window, and is shocked to find out that she's in the Arctic. She comes out of the bedroom to find her father, Henry, and her daughter sailing on Henry's ship. (courtesy of

All About Me Mondays: The Green Eyed Monster In Me

Jealousy is not a good feeling at all, in fact it's heavy and it seems to pull all the dark clouds in on me, but because I am human and I am no saint I have fallen into the traps of jealousy. Not proud of it but I'm honest about my feelings. Let's see...the last time I was really jealous was like 10 years ago, it was a part of a sibling rivalry. Again sibling rivalry is very common to most families among brothers and sisters. I was no different with the rest.

I was used to being treated as an only child, being raised by my grandparents and aunts I was the only child in the house although I had a brother but he lived with my parents.So, I had no competition with my grandparent's love and attention. Well, it used to be until my sister was born. My grandma soon favored her over me and I resented later on having a sister. I was no longer the apple of my grandma's eye it was now my sister and I fought hard to be my grandma's favorite. I tried to excel in class or show more affection but my grandma was sold out to my sister and I was dethroned.

I remember resenting my grandma that I soon withdrew from her. I refused to share anything with my sister, especially that she became a brat. I fought with grandma whenever she would give my toys and my clothes to my sister. I know I have outgrown my clothes and my toys but because I felt so jealous I would refuse to give them away. This resulted in heated arguments with my grandmother and me shutting down. I stayed away from my grandmother even when we lived under the same roof. I kept myself busy doing whatever came to mind, I no longer hang out with my grandmother and kept to myself.

However, I have out grown the sibling rivalry, now it doesn't matter to me whoever my grandma favors. I have learned to be content with what I have and take pride with what I have achieved. I no longer compare myself with my sister, I guess all was just a phase. I have learned to be happy with who I have become and be contented with the love shown to me by both grandparents and the rest of the family. 

So, that was the green eyed monster within me and I'm glad he has been kicked out! :) What about you what makes you jealous? when was the last time you were jealous? Care to share? Join All about me Mondays below.

Girl Talk: Buffet Picks

Here's my foodie picks in a buffet. Ta...da.. Roasted Pork (lechon baboy or inasal na baboy) and Fruit Salad. What's yours?

Monday, April 19, 2010

All About Louise

Meet Louise my four and half month old Jack Russell Terrier- Spitz. She is one adorable little pup who loves to stay beside me the whole day. Louise was previously owned by an office mate's sister-in- law who had to give her up since she was migrating to another country. At four and a half months old Louise weighs 15 pounds and is highly intelligent. She learned to climb stairs within 10 minutes and learned the command "sit" in just 5 minutes!  I was really amazed at how fast she learns, I've had other dogs before but none of them can compare to Louise's ability to learn.

Louise's mother is a purebred Jack Russell Terrier while her father is a purebred Japanese Spitz. Louise inherited most of her traits from her mother, she is 90 percent JRT and 10 percent Spitz. I was sad to find out though that Louise was bought from a puppy mill. Her previous owner informed me that after 4 and a half months Louise's mom is again pregnant. Yes we all know that it is not healthy at all, the owner should have waited another year before she gets the dam pregnant again. However, even though Louise was born in a puppy mill she is in excellent condition. I have recently brought her to a vet and had her thoroughly checked and I'm glad she is very healthy.

Having Louise around has brought me sheer joy, although at times she gives me a momentary dark cloud when she poops or pees on my furniture or on any part of the house but that's just a part of raising a dog. She is very affectionate and protective towards me. I would jokingly tell my family that with Louise around I do not need a bodyguard! She goes wherever I go, sometimes when I would fall asleep on the couch I'd wake up seeing her laying down on the floor near me and she would not dare make a sound. Right now she is my alarm clock lols , she would wake me up at exactly the same time everyday at 8 am, how? Well, she would jump into my bed and scratch my leg without barking until I am fully awake. This mutt has certainly learned another trick!

I am trying to correct certain behaviors that Louise's previous owner has taught her. She has allowed her to do her toilet needs inside the house with newpapers because she did not like her getting messy. It is the kind of nightmare I am facing right now but I know this would soon stop with constant repetition, in due time she will be potty trained. Louise is used to being fed with canned tuna and dog food but I decided to make her home cooked meal.  This way I am sure that Louise eats fresh food without any preservative. Her staple diet is pork and beef with vegetables. This is more economical than buying dog food. I have been observing how much she consumes in a week and I noted that 1 kilo of pork or beef lasts her the entire week. I would usually cook all of the 1 kilo meat and put the rest in the fridge. Louise is a picky eater, and you'd laugh your head off if I tell you what she likes and does not like. 

Just to illustrate at how picky my little Louise is, she would not eat bread without peanut butter or cheese etc, on it! Usually when she eats bread she would only eat the ones with the most spread and leave the ones that does not have. I tried feeding her sardines, this little mutt did not even touch it! I experimented on other food combination like squash with rice and fried fish and still she would not eat. Finally I gave up and cooked her ground pork with grated carrots and thinly sliced cabbage, now guess what? Yes, you bet she ate all of it!

Like a child, Louise likes to be babied and she is happy when she sees me when I come home from work.She does misbehave at times and turn a deaf ear when she does not want to answer me. Though Louise is very loyal and loving towards me she is not friendly to new faces. She would bark fiercely at an unfamiliar face and would stay on guard until the other person leaves. I am hoping to raise a well rounded friendly dog but as many breeders have told me Louise like any JRT would need expert training. JRTs are very intelligent but they are also known to be stubborn, training starts at an early age or else it would be hard to train them when they become an adult. They certainly have a mind on their own sometimes and I have seen that in my little Louise. Sometimes she can be a handful when she see new faces in my place. She would bark and bark and would not shut up in spite of being told not to. Lolz at times she reminds me of  the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Louise can be both. She can be Hyde to strangers and Jekyll when we are alone.

So You Think You Are Ready For A Dog?

I am single, young career woman. I have my own apartment and I can say that I earn quite a bit and an extra source of cash through my online job to keep a pet dog. I have a good family and loving friends but there is one thing that I have been wanting to do and that is to own a dog. For many years I have waited for the day when I can finally own a dog. It used to be that I can't get one because of my job and my living arrangement. I used to have housemates who didn't want dogs around the place and I held a job that kept me out of the house most of the time. So, I had to wait and after years of waiting finally I can have one.

The day came when I can finally get a dog but I had another concern and that is what type of dog breed should I get? I have several preferences when it came to dog breeds, I was thinking of the adorable poodle, the lovable shihtzu, the tiny teacup chihuahua or the good tempered labrador retriever, oh yes I was also thinking of the beautiful yorkie and the handsome siberian husky and I could not seem to make up my mind. So, again I waited till I can finally come to a decision. Plus, there were a lot more to consider more than I have expected.

There are things to consider when owning a dog. The day you decide to bring home a dog you decide to stay committed in raising your dog. Dogs are like little children they are adorable and cute and funny but at times they can misbehave, grouchy and give you sleepless nights. You must have a lot of patience especially if you decide to raise a puppy, I know most of us likes to raise puppies than having older dogs, but as I have mentioned there are things to consider.

1. Size- have you decided what size of dog do you want? The bigger the size the bigger your living space should be. Toy dogs and small dogs are good for small apartments and bigger dogs would be suitable for bigger apartments or houses with yards. If you are single like me ( Well I am assuming that you are) small dogs can be great, small dogs or toy dogs are delicate and vulnerable and is not recommended in families with small children. Take note also that bigger dogs eats a lot compared to smaller dog so this is also a very big thing to consider.

2. Age- you must decide whether you want to raise a puppy or an adult dog. There are pros and cons with both but all is up to you. With puppies you get to raise them while they are young and you can decide how to raise them but bear in mind that this needs a lot of commitment on your part. You need to house break them and most often times this is hard work. There will be a lot of accidents around your place and you will be cleaning up where your pup poops and pees. So, think if you have the time to do so. Older dogs on the other hand, are already house broken (well mostly but not all. be sure to ask the owner or breeder before you buy). Some have been Socialized already and can easily adopt to their new home. However, there are some breeds that does not easily adopt to new homes.

3. Breed- before you buy a dog research on the breed. Each dog breed has it's own unique qualities and exhibit a certain trait. Some dog breeds are high maintenance compared to other dogs. For example a shihtzu is high maintenance compared to a mini pin. You need to spend a lot for grooming maintenance when you own a shihtzu compared to owning a mini pin. Labrador are very gentle dogs and is compatible with children while a Jack Russell Terrier is fiercely loyal only to its owner and may not be friendly towards other people.

4. Budget- Can you afford  keeping a dog? You would need to complete your dog's vaccination. Maintain his grooming needs and in some countries you would need a pet insurance to cover the cost of hospitalization should your dog get sick. Some dog breeds require meticulous care like long haired dogs and some dog breeds are susceptible  to certain health problems and would need regular vet check up. You should anticipate these needs before getting one. You must be honest and be objective as to how much you can spend for a new pet. After all you don't want to live from paycheck to paycheck and certainly you cannot neglect your responsibilities as a pet owner. So weigh things carefully.

When you have decided on the above mentioned things to consider and whether you decide to get a small dog or a large one, a puppy or an adult dog you must first gather all the grooming materials and all the things that your dog would need. Below are the things you would need to buy before you take your new pet home.

1. Feeding bowls and water bottles- I suggest that you buy stainless feeding bowls with rubber around the rim. The rubber helps keep the bowl in place and will last longer compared to a plastic feeding bowl. Your pet would need a supply of clean fresh water be sure to keep a water bottle nearby.

2. Play pens or crates - if you decide to take home a puppy you would need either a play pen or a crate. Either one of these two are good tools in keeping your pup confined to a certain place so that it will not wander around your place and soil your living space. Most experts do suggest crate method in house breaking your pup. Pups won't soil the place where they sleep so they learn how to hold it until they are taken out of the crate. You must also remember to not let the puppy stay inside the crate or play pen for a prolonged period of time because they would not be able to hold it in for so long. You must let them out 15 mins after eating or after taking a nap and early in the morning.

3.Chew toys- chew toys are a good way to keep your pup engrossed in something other than your shoes or furniture. Especially when dogs are teething they would most likely chew on anything so be sure to get them one. Dogs can also be destructive when bored, giving them chew toys are a way to relieve them of boredom.

4. Dog beds or mattress- there are many beautifully designed dog beds that are washable be sure to invest on a good one. If you choose a large dog be sure that you buy the biggest size that your dog can grow in and still use when he grows up to save you from spending on another one.

5. Dog collars and leashes - buy a dog collar that is adjustable, one that he would not out grow easily. There are many beautiful leashes and collar, buy the one that is comfortable for your pet.

6. Grooming materials- you must have the basics like nail clippers, dog shampoo and conditioner, towels, blow dryer made especially for dogs, brushes and combs depending on what type of pet you have.  For my pup I use herbal soap that has a sweet smelling scent, I find it more effective in controlling my pup's odor than regular dog soaps. Buy soap and shampoo that is tick and flea repellant and controls odors.I usually medicated herbal products over regular products. I also use dog powder to remove odor to make sure my pup won't smell.

7. Cleaning solutions - to ensure your pup's health make sure his living area is clean. To get rid of bad odor clean your pet's living space regularly and use antispetics like lysol which at the same time removes bad odor. You may want to use a spot remover and deodorizer.

After getting all these things you also need to do one last thing before you bring home your new bestfriend and that is dog proofing your house. It is necessary to dog proof your house to ensure that your place is a safe place for your four legged bestfriend. This would also prevent accidents like swallowing  small inorganic objects which would cost you a lot for that vet visit. Still prevention is better than cure. So dog proof your place before bringing home your new pet.

This is what I have learned with all these dog thingy. It was more than I have expected but I am glad to learn all these before getting one. Hope this guide is of help to you.  Before I forget if you are the type who travels too much or has an active night life you may want to reconsider owning a dog. If you really want to own one be sure you have someone who can dog sit for you while you are away.

Finally, I am now a proud owner of a 4 1/2 months old Jack Russell Terrier-Spitz. An intelligent mixed breed pup bursting with so much energy. She is my new bestfriend, a  loyal one I can say. I am blessed to be showered with her unconditional love and loyalty and having her around surely makes my days better. Hope you find your new bestfriend soon!

Louise a Jack Russel Terrier - Japanese Spitz cross breed

Louise enjoys laying down on my couch and playing with her toy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Girl Talk: The Most Expensive Foodie I Ate

The most expensive food I ate is the Wagyu Burger from Cebu Hilton Hotel in Mactan, Cebu. at 1500 Php or $ 32 per piece! This is by far the most expensive burger I've had. This cost me a lot but definitely worth it. It is made from the softest beef I have eaten in my whole life and very tasty! Lolz... don't get me started my mouth is starting to water.

If you ever stop by Cebu do drop by at the Hilton Hotel and try this delicious Wagyu burger.

Coastal Scents 88 Palette Review

For those who are getting started in makeup, Coastal Scents 88 original palette is a must have. It has 88 highly pigmented basic colors that you could mix to give you different looks. The palette has dime sized pans  that could last for a long time and what's more is that it gives you more value for your money. I know how it's like when I first started with makeup, there were several single shadows to choose from but I didn't know which one to buy. With the 88 palette you have everything in just one palette. 

Buying shadows in singles can become too expensive but if you prefer it that way that's fine. I travel every now and then and I want to travel light so I prefer having everything in one palette. With how this product is packaged it won't take much space. It has a flat square container that can fit in easily in my over night bag or hand carry bag. It's not bulky and this is what I usually take with me during my trips. 

I love that this eyeshadow is not chalky like cheap ones however, for best results you must use a lid primer to bring out the color and for it to last long. This palette is non shimmery so if you prefer the ones with shimmer you can try the 88 shimmer palette which is also available from Coastal Scents. This palette costs $28 so in my book this it falls under the must haves and quality and affordability list.

Monday, April 12, 2010

NYX Megashine Lip Gloss Review

NYX Megashine lip gloss is one of my favorite gloss brand. It is quality and affordability rolled into one great product! I love the light and smooth feel and compared to other lip gloss products I have tried NYX Megashine lip gloss does not feel too sticky or too heavy on the lips. I'd give this 5 lippies out of 5 lippie score. It is richly pigmented and has a sweet light fragrance that is not intoxicating. Overall I love the quality of this product and it's super affordable price at $5 only! I say it's definitely a steal! NYX lip glosses are designed to be worn alone or with lipstick, either way it will sexify your lips! Grab an NYX lip gloss and try it for your self to test the quality and avail of the great savings you can get. I have put aside my expensive glosses and use NYX  from the day I discovered it. Now, I am a huge fan!

Company Information:

  • Established in 1999 in Los Angeles, California by Toni Ko.
  • Though a new comer in the cosmetic business the company is one of the fastest growing cosmetic company in the United States.
  • NYX is named after the Greek goddess who ruled the night.
  • NYX is known for its quality but ultra low priced cosmetic products.

Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Fave Julia Roberts Movie

Julia Roberts is one of the big names in Hollywood and one of the most respected and sought after actresses in this era. Julia has the Mida's touch almost all of her films are big earners and she has become one of Hollywood's top paid actresses. Julia's net worth is estimated at $140 M in 2007.

Fast Facts:

  • Julia Fiona Roberts was born in Atlanta, Georgia 
  • Julia's parent were once actors and playwrights and ran an acting workshop for children.
  • Her first film debut as a supporting actress to her brother Eric in Blood Red in 1987.
  • In 1989 she starred in  the movie Steel Magnolia which got her the Academy Awards nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
  •  In 1990 Julia starred in Pretty Woman with Richard Gere which she got the Oscar's Best Actress Award. The film grossed $463 million worldwide and made Julia famous.
  • In 1999 she was awarded as Best Actress for the Academy Awards for her role in Erin Brockovich.
  • She was the first actress to appear in the cover of Vogue.
  • She was named one of the People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" eleven times! 
  • In 2001 Ladies' Home Journal ranked her as the 11th most powerful women in America.
  • Roberts has a production company called Red Om Films, formerly Shoelace Productions ("Moder" spelled backwards, after her husband's last name).
My Favorite Julia Robert's Films are:
Pretty Woman

It is a funny movie with a flair of drama and romance. I love happy ever after endings so I definitely love how the movie ended. More importantly the movie reminds me that true love knows no bounds, it has no hidden motives except that it wants the best for the other person.  This is one of my fave chick flicks.

Monalisa Smile

This movie is truly inspiring. In a world inhabited by people with a fixed mindset which is still existent today as it was several years ago, we have to go out of our comfort zone and be different. We don't have to do what everyone else is doing just because we are afraid to rock the boat. Standing up for what we believe in could bring us trouble but hey! if you are doing what is best for you and doing the right thing you must stand up and face the opposition. We can't always be a "yes" kind of person sometimes we need to say "no" even to our very own family and get them to respect our values, morals  and beliefs. One of the best gift we can impart to others is encouragement and motivation. There are those people who are trapped with pleasing other people to the point of ruining their own lives. We can help them get their feet on the ground firmly and help them find their voice to speak out for themselves.

Runaway Bride


This movie has many unforgettable lines that can be both romantic and corny (for some). and one of the famous lines is (tada...)
"Look, I guarantee that we'll have tough times. And I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us will want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Because I know in my heart, you're the only one for me." 

You decide romantic or cheesy! But I love the movie because it was another happy ending lolz.

My Best Friend's Wedding


Although this is not a happy ending movie I like it because it teaches us to let go of that person we love and hold dear because s/he is not meant for us and by us holding on means that we will be  very unhappy. Again I am reminded of the famous adage "if you love someone set him/her free". It may be hard but it is necessary for us to move on and find the right person.

So that's the end of my favorite Julia Robert's movies and if you care to share what's your Julia Robert's movie check the Tuesday Couch Potatoes Group.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Girl Talk: My Favorite Junk Food

    Girls Talk topic for the day is Fave Junk Food and since I munch on junk foods practically 3 times in a week I decided to join and share my fave junk food of all time.

    My Top 3 Fave Junk Food
    Lay's Potato Chip in sour cream and onion is my top fave junk food. The mixture of saltiness and that of sour cream makes me go gaga over it. It's my comfort food, I grab a bag of this foodie when I am going through a rough day or simply when I want to enjoy myself.

     Another alternative to Lay's is Munch King in sour cream and onion. Gee, I can't get enough of sour cream and onion! Is it evident know I just love potato chips lol!

    Finally something that's not potato or sour cream and onions! I also love Cheetos. I love the cheesy flavor and the crunchiness of this foodie. Me and my friends love to munch on this especially during an all girl's poker night or movie dates.
    That's all folks! Those are my fave junk foods of all time.

    For other Fave Junk Foods from other readers click the icon below.

    Girls Talk