Friday, May 28, 2010

Brush It Up!

The right makeup brushes can help you get the most out of your makeup.

As someone who loves and breathes makeup 24/7 I can say I have the knowledge of what is good and what is not. Sometimes we would like to buy those cheap makeup tools in order to save those dineros but what we are doing really is waste money and waste the products that we are using. The right makeup brushes can help you get the most out of your makeup. It is important that we buy the right kind and quality brushes if we want to save and also to achieve the kind of look we want.



Sonya Kashuk and Beauty Blender are now the latest craze in sponges.  They are non latex and is made of high quality materials that can withstand daily washings. The sponges are rounded and will glide over the contour of your face, allowing you to buff your makeup and create a flawless  finish. 


Avoid basic latex makeup wedges. they easily fall apart and waste most of the product. They soak up too much foundation and their shape makes it harder to work and create a smooth finish


Blush Brush:


Choose any full round blush brush the round bristles makes applying blush a breeze and this gives you a smooth finish. Use angled blush brush for contouring and getting on the hollow of your cheeks.


No to any flat blush brush that renders flat lines that extends from the cheek to the temple. This is an outdated look. This kind of brush does not distribute the product evenly and concentrates it in one area.  This is definitely a no no.

Eyeshadow Brush:


The best eyeshadow brush is one that has a wide soft bristles that can pick up the right amount of product. The bristles do not fall off easily because if it does it will not give you a good finish. There are different kinds of eyeshadow brushes designed for different purpose. The best one I have tried is MAC and that is a bit pricey so I recommend Sonya Kashuk brushes for beauty in a budget but with good quality.


This free eyeshadow applicator that comes free with your compact works for smudging your eyeshadow along the lash line but this would not be good in applying eyeshadow more than one color as this would  mud the hues.

Highlighter Brush:

Sometimes called highlighter brush, bronzer or stippling brush. The unique cut of the bristles allows for the supper light application of finishing foundation, blush or bronzer.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy Bee

Hi Friends,

How are you all? Sorry I have been away for awhile and haven't written anything. Had to finish some very important project for my boss and that has kept me from writing and adding new posts in here. But now I'm back again! I have fresh things to write about and hope that you will like it.

By the way are you staying tuned to American Idol? Who are you betting  to be the next big star Crystal or Lee? I haven't made up my mind yet, I'm just watching but I guess it will be Crystal. This momma is rocking the house wild and Lee is just letting her take the stage...he has to power up if he wants the spot. What do ya think?

Ciao for now.

The Single Sassy Chick

Monday, May 3, 2010

TCP: Book Based Movie

For this  Tuesday's Couch Potato it is all about movies based on a book and here are my favorite picks. Hope you like them as well.


The Chronicles of Narnia is a book written by C.S. Lewis between 1849 to 1954, it is a seven part fantasy novel for children. So far there are only 2 novels that has been made into a movie and that is The Witch, The Lion and The Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. This is a movie worth watching and I personally recommend for children to watch. It gives a lot of moral lessons that are very good to impart to children. Moreover The Chronicles of Narnia series has Christian parallels as follows:

The Magician's Nephew tells the Creation and how evil entered Narnia.
The Lion etc the Crucifixion and Resurrection.
Prince Caspian restoration of the true religion after corruption.
The Horse and His Boy the calling and conversion of a heathen.
The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" the spiritual life (especially in Reepicheep).
The Silver Chair the continuing war with the powers of darkness
The Last Battle the coming of the Antichrist (the Ape), the end of the world and the Last Judgement.


The Notebook was written by Nicholas Sparks author of the novel turned movie hit "A Walk To Remember".  The story tells about 2 young lovers who were separated for a very long time because of the woman's parents who prefer she married someone from their own social circle. Noah, was a poor guy who loved Allie very much but Allie's parents were against it and separated them. Years later they found each other and still had strong feelings for each other decided to get married against all odds. The movie moves on to the part where Old Allie had Alzheimer's disease and Noah stood beside her even when she does not recognize him. He stayed with her in the nursing home and read to her from the notebook that told of their love story every single day without fail, until they both passed away together on the same night.  The movie will pull at your heart strings and I definitely would suggest that you get ready with a box of Kleenex before you watch this. 

Confessions Of A Shopaholic:

This movie was based on a novel of the same title by Sophie Kinsella. Starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy. This a story every woman can definitely relate to! Well the joys of shopping an every woman's delight and dismay! Dismay when you have to deal with credit card debt when you overspend. This is an ultimate chick flick that I love and recommend.

The Devil Wears Prada:

Starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. This movie was a big hit. It tells about a young woman who worked for a boss from hell magazine editor who has ridiculous demands. The young woman has to sacrifice a whole lot just to keep her job. It's also about fitting in at work something we all can relate to. This is very inspiring for me as I try to do the best I can in my job no matter who the boss is.  5 popcorn buckets for this movie!

All About Me Mondays: Memoir of My High School Teacher

I spent more than half my life in school ... as a student.
And another 10 years as a classroom teacher.

It only seems fitting that I make some effort to celebrate
Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3 - 7).

What better way to celebrate than assigning some homework?

Take a little stroll down memory lane ...
all the way back to the hollowed halls ...
of your school years - the days of raising your hand, 
taking tests, and making the grade ;)

Tell us about the teacher(s) who made a difference in your life.

Make it a list or a story - your choice!


I met Mr. B in senior year in high school he was my social studies teacher. Mr. B was kind of strict at  first and do not tolerate b.s in his class. I never thought I would like being in his class. Mr. B was my teacher for a year but the friendship lasted until now. Mr. B taught me and my class to stand up for our rights. To just not accept the wrong things being done by some officials  but to stand up against it. Mr. B helped me find my voice and taught me how to stand up and fight for my rights. He also blessed me with his friendship all through these years.  Mr. B encouraged my whole class to aim for the sky, this has greatly encouraged me ad it does pay to be in the company of good people because you get influenced by them in a good way. It's been 12 years since I graduated from high school but I will never forget Mr. B and how a boring social studies class turned out to be very interesting. I wish there are more teachers like Mr. B.