Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Flower Power

You know how it is when you get bored, you try to do things that you do not often do and stumble onto something interesting. That's what happened to me today. The electric company has been shutting off the electricity everyday for an hour since march in an attempt to save electricity. I got bored, there was nothing for me to do, no tv, no internet, no nothing. I stepped out of the house and sat on the garden chair on our front yard and as I sat there my mom's plants caught my attention. They were in full bloom and they were a pretty sight. So, I decided to take photos just to pass the time away.

Looking at it this way I now understand why it's called the Dancing Ladies.

This one is just gorgeous and it's a beauty!

Flower, flower you are true,
You make me happy when I am blue,
You became a flower from a seed,
You did all that just for me 

 For every time my eyes see
This flower blossom
It's a miracle and privilege
To be in its presense

The most beautiful flower
filling my senses with passion
overflowing my being with plenty
pulling away my pain

I came across one flower
While walking in a garden
It saw me and gave a smile
I too smiled and walked
Each day in garden I smiled


This one reminds me of Edward Scissorhands! 

Though I am not a green thumb gal I do appreciate flowers of all shape and color. I thank God for creating flowers it has taken my boredom away! By the way, I am sorry about the first picture It actually looks great with the original photo but something went wrong when I uploaded it.

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