Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday: Random Thoughts

It's post it Tuesday yippeee! Here are my pint size thoughts!

Been seeing the doc lately and I am starting to scratch my head, the professional fees are killing me...

My neighbor's grandson is a menace grrr...he pulls the plants in the neighborhood and today he pulled mine and this is the third time already! I'm nearly loosing it!

 A relative of mine was confined in the hospital and I came for a visit just in time for the nurse to give him his NGT feeding. She was very impolite and arrogant and I gave her a piece of my mind.

Geez...what have I been doing lately? Yes I have been shopping online ...and  as usual I bought a lot.

I have a recurring tonsilitis since November...ooouucchh! 

My dog Louise is learning basic commands at an amazing pace :)! I'm one happy pet owner except for the poop and pee thingy which I am working on....

That's all folks. Sorry this is late was very busy didn't have time to catch my breath!
- The Single Sassy Chick

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