Friday, September 10, 2010

Making Money Online

A number of people I have met online have been talking about making money on the internet. Some are successful while others become desperate to the point of being pessimistic. There are lot of ways to earn money from the internet but be careful of get -rich-schemes because most of the time they are scams. I make a couple of dollars here and there from some online sites and I have had my shares of ups and downs on online earning. It is not always easy but every cent does count. My online money making venture is a product of trial and error  for over a period of 6 months now. I know it's not that long but I have learned some useful tips in earning online though I cannot say I am an expert on this subject. But nevertheless I am going to share my knowledge regarding this matter.

There are different categories for online money making sites and it is good to know what they are. This way it will be easier for you to determine which category works best for you, instead of signing up for every available site out there that others promote to get referrals. Let me get this straight not all site will work for one single individual. For one it is a great earning site for another it is not.

Paid To Click Sites:

Paid to click sites are sites where you get paid by clicking on the ads available for clicking. You need to wait until it says the amount is credited to your account. Most PTCs are slow earners they pay less than 1 cent per click. However some people have made a small fortune from PTCs through maintaining an active referral. The more down line you have the more money you will earn from their earnings since you will be given a percentage of their monthly earnings. There are 2 types of referrals, one is direct referral meaning they have signed up under you using the referral link you provided. The other type of referral is rented referral where you buy a referral from the PTC site. But just a word of caution guys some referrals whether rented or direct some could be inactive and not earn you anything. Also for rented referrals you could only rent them for a specified period of time and when the time is over you either have to recycle them or buy a new set of referrals. You should stick to trusted PTC sites since most PTCs nowadays are going scam.

( Note: I do not recommend PTC sites because of the reason that they can be here today but gone tomorrow. I was working on a couple of PTC sites that were legit at the start but dropped off from the web all of a sudden.)

Paid To Post:

Paid to post sites are sites that pays you to post discussions and answer discussions. However, it depends on the rules of the site. The top PTP site is It has been around for far too long and has always paid it's members. There are other sites I have tried like Investworld but I prefer MyLot better because you earn in many ways and the rules are not too strict. If you want to know how to reach payout soon you may want to read this tip called How To Earn More With MyLot .

Autosurf Sites:

Autosurf sites pays you by opening your account  where they automatically  surf the sites for you. But again most sites are a scam. I had tested 3 autosurf sites and they were scams alright. The only one I trust is Cashgopher .  This site is owned by Mylot and was just launched on September 1. All you have to do is download the software in your pc and when you search on the search bar the software will give you a targeted search. You just have to let the ads download before clicking the x to get credited. You get more if you click on the ad they generated. There is an old site called Gomezpeers but they are quite choosy when it comes to membership but they are reliable and legitimate.

Freelance Jobs:

There are a lot of freelance jobs available in the internet especially that we are in the age of telecommuting. It's a matter of finding the legitimate sites where you can sign up for legitimate jobs. You can earn a lot from freelance jobs online compared to ptcs.ptps and autosurfs. There is a wide variety of jobs available from freelance jobs from data entry to tutorials. Some famous sites are, Elance,Guru and Odesk. Let me say this clearly these job sites are very competitive so you must write a very good resume to land a job. The best thing about freelancing is that you can work as many jobs as you can handle and earn more for a few hours of work but the downside is that there is no security of tenure and of course this is a short term job, although some employers hire some freelancers on a long term basis, but this does not happen all the time. I find the pay for freelance jobs on the sites I mentioned better than sites like microworkers where it pays you to do almost the same job but for just a few pennies only. One thing more these sites I mentioned works best not only for freelancers but for those who wants to outsource their business as well.  So no hassle in campaigning for a job vacancy because there are a lot of applicants to choose from.
Freelance Jobs  

Paid To Write:

If writing is your passion then you can earn money from blogging, or writing for review sites or plain writing sites like Squidoo. I find Squidoo quite unique it's like a mini blog where you can earn a lifetime royalty for articles you write. Of course you have to promote your articles so you can get enough readers and visitors to increase your earnings. As of today Squidoo has updated their site and it's much more fun with more ways to earn. Another good paid to write site is Triond and eHow. But eHow accepts only writers from north America. Well the last time I tried eHow did approve me to become a member but I  could not earn from my articles because of my geographical location. Other sites are Helium and Bukisa. The basics in earning from these paid to write sites is knowing SEO (search engine optimization) or promoting them through social networking sites and forums. A lot of writers promote their articles on sites like Digg and Stumbleupon to get people to read their articles and earn from it.

Paid To Review Sites:

Basically you review a certain product or service and if the publisher thinks it could be sold to advertisers they buy your reviews. Popular sites are ReviewMe, Review Stream, and Shvoong. Paid to blog sites are actually part of paid to review sites because  a blogger is paid to place a review about a certain product on their blog. Pay Per Post is a good example of a paid to blog site.

Paid To Chat Site:

There is a new site called Birejji, this is a very new site which was launched in April of this year. One gets paid basically by chatting and referring people to the site. There are villages (or chat rooms) available, then you have to choose one single chat room only. To earn here you can only chat in the chat room you joined in and in the main chat room. If you participate in the other villages you can but will not receive credit. Payout is every Friday of the week. This is a slow earning site but is quite interactive and fun and for those who are looking for referrals this is a great site to meet future refs. I am going to observe this site and by the way I am waiting for my first payout from this site. So I am quite excited to see if they do pay.

So, this will be pretty much it for now on  Making  Money Online . I will soon be adding up information regarding new sites or updates from current sites I have been earning from and have mentioned here. But before I forget, to get started with earning online you have to have an account with Paypal, AlertPay or Liberty Reserve. But the fastest and easiest way to transact is through Paypal. Since it is internationally recognized and works with many foreign banks. So, if you still do not have a paypal account sign up for one or click the banner below.

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 Until the next post everyone, I hope you find this piece informative. If you have questions kindly post your comments below and I will get back to you asap.  Happy online earning guys!

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