Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Favorite Makeup Guru

Hey Guys!

If you are a makeup junkie like me you most certainly like to experiment with different looks and  getting new ideas on "how to" do this and that.  Hmmm...what better way of getting new ideas on how to look like that hot celebrity or look like a hot bombshell than getting tips and tutorials from a professional makeup guru right? There are several makeup artists who give away their professional tips and tutorials for free and since this is my blog lolz I am biased (big grin)!

My favorite makeup guru is no other than Marlena a.k.a. the Makeup Geek. If you know Marlena and following her thru her website or youtube tutorials good for you and for those who don't this is your lucky day! Okay, let's cut the chase let me tell you who Marlena is. Well she is a professional makeup artist from the United States and to be exact she lives in Michigan.  Everybody knows her as the makeup geek and she has a very successful youtube following. Although there are several makeup gurus on youtube I love Marlena because she is fun and down to earth. Her tutorials are easy and practical as well as very informative.

I'll let you sample some of her works and definitely a collection of my fave Makeup Geek tutorials. I hope you like it too :-)! To get to know Marlena More you can visit her website or read an interview with Marlena.

Think this one is a perfect everyday makeup.... this one is my afternoon pretty... Love this one so much!

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