Thursday, April 8, 2010

Girl Talk: My Favorite Junk Food

Girls Talk topic for the day is Fave Junk Food and since I munch on junk foods practically 3 times in a week I decided to join and share my fave junk food of all time.

My Top 3 Fave Junk Food
Lay's Potato Chip in sour cream and onion is my top fave junk food. The mixture of saltiness and that of sour cream makes me go gaga over it. It's my comfort food, I grab a bag of this foodie when I am going through a rough day or simply when I want to enjoy myself.

 Another alternative to Lay's is Munch King in sour cream and onion. Gee, I can't get enough of sour cream and onion! Is it evident know I just love potato chips lol!

Finally something that's not potato or sour cream and onions! I also love Cheetos. I love the cheesy flavor and the crunchiness of this foodie. Me and my friends love to munch on this especially during an all girl's poker night or movie dates.
That's all folks! Those are my fave junk foods of all time.

For other Fave Junk Foods from other readers click the icon below.

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