Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coastal Scents 88 Palette Review

For those who are getting started in makeup, Coastal Scents 88 original palette is a must have. It has 88 highly pigmented basic colors that you could mix to give you different looks. The palette has dime sized pans  that could last for a long time and what's more is that it gives you more value for your money. I know how it's like when I first started with makeup, there were several single shadows to choose from but I didn't know which one to buy. With the 88 palette you have everything in just one palette. 

Buying shadows in singles can become too expensive but if you prefer it that way that's fine. I travel every now and then and I want to travel light so I prefer having everything in one palette. With how this product is packaged it won't take much space. It has a flat square container that can fit in easily in my over night bag or hand carry bag. It's not bulky and this is what I usually take with me during my trips. 

I love that this eyeshadow is not chalky like cheap ones however, for best results you must use a lid primer to bring out the color and for it to last long. This palette is non shimmery so if you prefer the ones with shimmer you can try the 88 shimmer palette which is also available from Coastal Scents. This palette costs $28 so in my book this it falls under the must haves and quality and affordability list.

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