Thursday, April 1, 2010

Makeup For The Summer

Gee, summer is here and though I love the summer season there is one thing that I do not look forward to... melting makeup! I know that this is one big dilemma for every woman who wears makeup, in fact that was my dilemma too. I say was because I have found an answer to that hahaha... so bye bye to makeup that melts!

I have been testing mineral makeup for some time now and I really like it. It does not feel heavy at all and it does not melt like my regular makeup. You know how we get sweaty during the summer and how make up drips ugghhh that's one thing I really  don't like. With mineral makeup even when I sweat It does not melt or look cakey at all, it somehow blends in with my skin and enhances the appearance of my skin which is why I like it. I notice that I do not get zits while I'm using it, previously during summer months I am prone to getting zits when I'm wearing makeup but now I do not have zits. Also I do not need to put in too much product to get a glowing look, I just apply foundation and dust a bronzer all over my face, a lil bit of my favorite lip gloss and sweep a lil bit of pinkish blush on my cheeks and I am good to go.

I prefer not to wear too much makeup during the summer except for a few occasions where it is really needed. If you must wear mascara opt for a waterproof one or else it will melt and you'll look like a panda! I do not use mascara during this hot humid season unless needed or unless I know I am going to stay indoors the whole time with aircondition system running.  Avoid using oil based products and shimmer, it will make you look like you have grease on your face enough to fry a bacon in it! I suggest using matte products during hot summer months and if you really like shimmer, you could use a little of it but not too much.

Oh, yes before I go I know you would all like to know what mineral makeup I have been trying on. It's Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. I have been trying their products and it's good. You can check them out online I know they are fairly new but they're worth a try. What I like about their products is the quality and of course it's very affordable Don't have to break my piggy bank to get these babes lol. For starters I guess this will be a good product to invest in. You may want to try Ellana for yourself so, I suggest you get free samples online.

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