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Going Gaga Over Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is making a buzz nowadays, with the increasing health conscious market this cosmetic product has been gaining popularity all over the globe. It is highly recommended by dermatologists everywhere because of its benefits thus boosting  the sales of mineral cosmetic products.

What Is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is made from naturally existing mineral elements, its main components are zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and 100% micronized minerals that are free from talc, fillers,wax, oils, mica dye, silicone, artificial fragrance, rice powder and alcohol. Mineral makeup contains iron that helps in absorbing heat and vitamins that  gives that healthy glow.

What Are The Benefits Of Mineral Makeup?

1. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic it is non irritating and makes it safe to use for all skin types. Women who suffers from severe acne and rosacea cab safely use this product.

2. Its inorganic components prevents microbial growth and makes it last longer than regular products. It is also free from preservatives.

3.Has UV protection that helps prevent skin aging.

4. It has a natural feel and feels light on the skin unlike traditional makeup that feels heavy on the skin.

5.  Does not clog pores like regular makeup.Prevents wrinkles while traditional makeup enhances wrinkles because of its chemical components,

6. Gives a more natural look. Its mineral ingredients reflects light and helps minimize fine lie appearanvce on the face. This gives the face an expressive and natural finish.

7. It is cost effective because a little product goes a long long way. Mineral makeup are also very affordable.

Note: Check the labels before  buying some companies advertise their products as mineral makeup but they put additives like bismuth oxychloride a product of lead and copper processing and is known to irritate the skin. Stick with products that sticks to the highest standards.

Choosing The Right Shade:

In choosing the right shade of foundation you must choose the shade matching your skin color to give you that natural look. Sample the products at the makeup counter to get the right shade. For some products you need to mix 2-3 shades to get the shade matching your skin. Some companies sends out free samples for you to try, you can request by visiting their website, usually you pay for the shipping fees.

Identify Your Skin Undertone:

Warm Undertones: Often referred to as having yellow, peach, orange undertone

  • You look better in cream then white
  • You wear more yellow gold jewellery
  • The veins on your wrists appear more green
  • You are drawn to more winter/summer colours
Cool undertones: Often referred to as having pink, red, blue undertones
  • You look better in white than cream
  • You wear silver or white gold jewellery
  • The veins in your wrist appear more blue
  • You are drawn to more spring/autumn colours
Neutral undertones: Normally found in those with a natural tan or dark skin. As the differences in undertone refers to the richness and depth of colour rather than an undertone.
Identify your skin tone
  • Light or fair skin (burns easily)
  • Medium skin (burns before tanning)
  • Tanned skin (tans easily)
  • Dark skin (naturally dark or olive skin)
Makeup Essentials:

1. Face primer- creates a smooth canvass on your face for the foundation to apply evenly and smoothly, giving you the smooth natural finish not cakey!

2, Lid primer- serves as a base for your eyeshadow making it last longer and helps the colors to come out better.

3. Lip primer- creates a silky foundation for your lipstick so that it glides smoothly and evenly. Making it last longer and prevents smearing.

4. Lip scrub- sloughs off dead skin cells on your lips and prevents chapping. It gives more color to your lips, scub your lips once a week for a smooth finish.

5. Lip moisturizer- conditions the lips to prevent chapping.

6. Concealer- use a concealer corrector quad instead of single correctors. Single concealers may not be enough for a makeup emergency. A good concealer is non oily and would hide skin blemishes and dark circles under the eye without using too much product.

7. Makeup remover- a good makeup remover is non oily and has no alcohol. Read product labels before buying and try out different products before sticking to one. This helps remove makeup that sticks to the skin easily and makes it easy for you to clean your face.

8. Brushes- invest in a good brush, a brush is like a magic wand, good brushes works wonders, it helps in the even application of the product. Save money by investing on a good set of brush, choose brushes for quality, most brushes that are sold in drugstores are of low quality, when you dip it on the product the bristles fall out. You might want to avoid buying that.


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