Friday, March 12, 2010

The Imelda in All of Us

There is an Imelda Marcos in all of us, most women can't resist the urge not to buy another pair of shoes especially if its on sale. Shoes are like candies or chocolate, to resist the urge of not buying another pair is torture. I could quite relate to that, I have  too many pairs of shoes yet it seems I still need more.

Shoes are my friends,they go with me to every party, to every date and yes even through every bad breakup. I love shoes simply because they make me look good and feel good. As a single chick living in the big city shoes has become the symbol of class. Women of class wear a distinct brand like Louboutins,  Blahnik, YSL, Louis Vuitton, just to name a few, that only the elite class could afford. The middle class would wait until the stores would announce the SALE period, where they could buy these famous shoes at a big discount.

It would not surprise me if one out of 4 women would buy shoes than pay their bills, I know this sounds quite neurotic but its true. It would not even surprise me if 9 out of 10 women spends so much on shoes than any other thing. My thing with shoes started when I was about 5 years old. I would wear my mom's and my aunt's high heels and play a make believe game that I was Cinderella, it is funny but I know most of us women did that when we were kids. I love the way every shoe looked, the unique designs, the different colors to match different dresses. I just fell in love with shoes.

The most famous shoeaholics  are Imelda Marcos, former First Lady of The Philippines. She owned 2700 pairs of shoes!  Marie Antoinette of France with 500 pairs of shoes! These women is way above everybody in terms of addiction. If I have that much shoes around I guess I would need to rent a storage space in order to keep them. See women of all ages love shoes, shoes does not make you look fat or old, unlike other things we have. High heels gives you an invisible surgery, it gives you power and transforms you in a quick and easy way that no makeup or type of clothing can give you. It makes you feel who you wanna be.

If shoe addiction is really a kind of addiction I'd prefer that compared to alcohol or drug addiction. Why? It does not give me a hangover or withdrawal symptoms, however it makes me look good and beautiful ...hahaha. I mean what woman would not like to look good and beautiful? :)

Here are a few smart tips in buying the right shoes:

Get The Right Fit!

* Your feet spreads with age so you must measure your feet every time you buy shoes.Measure each foot because each foot has a different size. Buy shoes that fits the bigger foot.
* Choose the right fit do not wear shoes that are uncomfortable, this could give you callus, blisters and in prolonged use could even lead to the disfigurement of your feet.
* Measure your foot in centimeters of inches to get the right size, each shoe maker has different sizes, don't stick on one size.
* The toe box should be roomy enough to wiggle your toes. Do not buy shoes that has tight toe boxes as they could be uncomfortable.
* Shop for shoes in the late afternoon or evening as they are in their largest. Have your feet measured by the sales person while standing up because under the weight of your body your foot spreads.
* If you are quite heavy or has calluses or bunions go with lower heels. High heels shifts the weight of the body forward on the toes or front of the feet and this could cause quite a discomfort.
*  If you have tendinitis opt for a moderate heel.

Select The Right Heels and The Right Style:

* Pointy toe shoes squeezes the toes together, this could cause calluses and corns. This applies pressure on ingrowns and make it painful as well as it increases the likelihood of getting hammer toes.
*Mules are slightly high heeled but it lacks heel support. You could get injured if your foot slips out of the shoe.
* Platform shoes are quite unstable and you could turn your ankle and cause muscle strain.
* Heels should ideally provide slight elevation (between 3/4" and 1") for the foot, whether there's an actual heel or just a sole that's thicker toward the back of the shoe. The counter -- the part of the shoe that curves around the back of your heel -- should be stiff enough to prevent ankle strains and sprains. The back of your foot should fit snugly into the heel of the shoe, not slide around inside it.

Choose The Right Colors:
Every woman must have the basic colors in her shoe closet that is black, white, brown, beige and red. Whether its a close shoe, open toe pumps, or flat sandals.  These basic colors would match any of your clothes. Then add two great colors that could also go with most colors and that is gold and silver. Then slowly add other colors to your shoe collection to get an even better choice for your wardrobe.

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