Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heads Up Pretty Gals!

Hi Single Sassy Chicks!

I am super duper excited to receive my samples from one cosmetic company. I don't mean to sound so cryptic lol but I do not want to divulge just yet what the samples are. I'm going to test the samples and post a review here for all of you to read. I can't wait anymore, I think they are in transit now.  Hopefully I'll get your views on this by leaving comments on the page.

Today, I have worked hard enough to find a good read about improving this blog and I still have tons to read and learn. I want to give you my very best and I'm working hard on it. I have also contacted a company that sells this beauty product that works wonders and it's 100% natural, I'm looking forward to sampling their product and I would like to do a product review on it here in the Single Sassy Chick blog so everyone would get tons of information about it. I'll keep my fingers crossed until I hear from them.

I also spent time today responding to MyLot comments on my posts and posting new ones too. I am enjoying this community so much not because I am getting paid by the site just by participating on a daily basis (which they do) but because it's a great community. I meet great people everyday and the exchange of ideas fires me up. People are so helpful there, they give you tips and suggestions on almost everything and they teach one another how to make extra money online. By the way guys I'm nearing my very first payout for this site! If you'd like to join this community click on my article on making extra money and just copy and post the link in a new browser and sign up. There is no fee in signing up, it's like Facbook or Myspace but this one rewards you for your participation.

Finally, If there is anything you would like me to write about or feature in an article kindly leave your suggestions in the comment box and if possible leave your email address so I can contact you should there be a need.  Thank you guys for visiting  The Single Sassy Chick blog .

All the best,
Your Single Chick

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