Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Single Chick's Guide In Making Extra Money

Many of us single women have financial issues. Either its because we overspend or we are underpaid. When I graduated from college and landed my first job I thought I was going to be financially independent from that day onwards. I was wrong I wasn't bringing home the fat paycheck that I had imagined, and to make matters worse it could hardly pay all my bills. I had to live in an all girls dormitory because it was cheaper compared to renting an apartment. I struggled to make both ends meet every single day. I had to walk several blocks from the dorm to my workplace because I could not afford a cab or any means of transportation.  I was poor as a church mouse! No, it was not the fab life I have dreamed of, it was a nightmare!

During that time I could barely buy new clothes or shoes, I no longer ate in  fastfood chains  or fancy restaurants but I learned how to eat food sold at the side walk because it was very cheap and frankly speaking it was all I could afford. This was one of the toughest times of my life but I learned valuable lessons from it. I have learned to be frugal and do away with the luxuries I enjoyed previously. I learned how to look fab without spending a fortune and yes I found out who my real friends are. Some friends left me because I could no longer hang out with them at expensive restaurants or spend a weekend in a 5 star beach resort. Sounds superficial but some people are really superficial.

I wish I had learned before what I have learned now, that it is not so hard to earn extra cash. See, because of my lack of exposure to money making ideas, I had the wrong mindset. I thought that to earn extra cash I would have to do odd jobs that was strenuous and time consuming like babysitting. I did not know that I could really make money by using the internet for only a few minutes a day.

Perhaps you have read about this or have heard it from someone else but you are quite skeptical to try it out. Try being positive for once and give it the benefit of a doubt. I was skeptical too until I tried it. Yes, there are many money related scams online that is why you have to be careful with the sites you join in.

Things To Keep In Mind When Joining Money Making Sites:

1. Checkout the site. Read The FAQs, About Us and Terms of Service. This would give you information on what the site is about, what are the rules you should follow, how you could earn and when are you going to get paid and how much. It will also give you information how you could increase your earnings and if there is a fixed amount of daily earnings.

2. Do a background check on the website through online forums. This will give you an idea on what kind of site will you be dealing with. Check how long have they been in operation and if the really pay their members.

3. Money making sites are free, you would only pay a certain amount to upgrade your membership but other than that there should  be no joining fees. If there are joining fees and they ask for a large amount and promise big payouts, steer clear from this site. it could be fraudulent.

4. Find out other money making sites do not just sign up. Compare each one and choose the best. Ask any of your friends if they are into money making sites and compare notes.They would be eager to share this information since you are a potential recruit or down line and they could earn if you sign up under them.

Sites I Recommend:

It's not easy to search for an online legitimate paying site. If you search on the net the results could give you plenty of sites and choosing the right one would not be that easy. I have found some legitimate sites through trial and error and I am pleased to share this with you.

1. - You could sign up as a provider of services and at the same time as a "buyer" or one who hires and pays for the service. There are a wide range of tasks available that you can choose from and they will send you email alerts for tasks that matches your skills.
What makes this site cooll? You can earn so much from  the tasks and it could lead to a long term part time job. The pay is good depending on the type of task required from you. As a buyer you get things done quickly and spend less than when you hire a permanent employee.

Freelance Jobs
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2. Same with Freelancers you get paid for every task you accomplish and you can also hire people to do things for you at a specific rate that you specified in your job post. The pay is also good.

click on the banner to go to the site.

3. This is a social networking website like Facebook and Myspace but the difference is that you get paid while using the site. There is a task bar where you can see  the available tasks  and you can sign up for a task and as soon as you finish the task the payment will be credited immediately into your MyLot account.
copy and paste the code to your browser.

4. - This is a cool site where you get paid to watch short video clips and your earnings increases when you sign up your friend under you. The points you earn can be converted to cash or used to get cool gadgets like Ipod touch and Macbook. This is an invitation only site. You could ask me to send you invitations, just leave your email address.

5. Create a blog- This could take time and hard work but you can make money out of it if you write quality articles on your blog. You can sign up with Google Adsense and they will place ads on your blog page that is related to the content of your blog. You make money every time a visitor clicks on the ads posted on your blog. You can also sign up with Amazon or any online company that would pay to have their ads placed on websites or blogs. Create a free blog at or Use free exchange traffic like Traffic Swarm to get traffic to your site and attract potential readers and ads.

There are other money making sites such as PTCs or paid to click sites but I do not recommend them that much because the earnings are not quite as good as the above mentioned sites. Survey sites are good sources of online income but if you reside outside of the U.S and Canada you  cannot get surveys regularly. However, I would be posting down legitimate sites just in case some of you would be interested in trying it out, after all its for free.

Start earning extra cash now and augment your income. You don't have to live from  paycheck to paycheck because the choice is yours to make.  I can guarantee that you could earn from this sites because I am making extra bucks from these sites too. :)

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