Friday, May 28, 2010

Brush It Up!

The right makeup brushes can help you get the most out of your makeup.

As someone who loves and breathes makeup 24/7 I can say I have the knowledge of what is good and what is not. Sometimes we would like to buy those cheap makeup tools in order to save those dineros but what we are doing really is waste money and waste the products that we are using. The right makeup brushes can help you get the most out of your makeup. It is important that we buy the right kind and quality brushes if we want to save and also to achieve the kind of look we want.



Sonya Kashuk and Beauty Blender are now the latest craze in sponges.  They are non latex and is made of high quality materials that can withstand daily washings. The sponges are rounded and will glide over the contour of your face, allowing you to buff your makeup and create a flawless  finish. 


Avoid basic latex makeup wedges. they easily fall apart and waste most of the product. They soak up too much foundation and their shape makes it harder to work and create a smooth finish


Blush Brush:


Choose any full round blush brush the round bristles makes applying blush a breeze and this gives you a smooth finish. Use angled blush brush for contouring and getting on the hollow of your cheeks.


No to any flat blush brush that renders flat lines that extends from the cheek to the temple. This is an outdated look. This kind of brush does not distribute the product evenly and concentrates it in one area.  This is definitely a no no.

Eyeshadow Brush:


The best eyeshadow brush is one that has a wide soft bristles that can pick up the right amount of product. The bristles do not fall off easily because if it does it will not give you a good finish. There are different kinds of eyeshadow brushes designed for different purpose. The best one I have tried is MAC and that is a bit pricey so I recommend Sonya Kashuk brushes for beauty in a budget but with good quality.


This free eyeshadow applicator that comes free with your compact works for smudging your eyeshadow along the lash line but this would not be good in applying eyeshadow more than one color as this would  mud the hues.

Highlighter Brush:

Sometimes called highlighter brush, bronzer or stippling brush. The unique cut of the bristles allows for the supper light application of finishing foundation, blush or bronzer.


  1. I cannot go out without a foundation and a lipstick, I really don't know which is better when putting foundation, I'm using sponge but after reading your post I might switch to using brush.

  2. @josie:thanks for dropping by. Using a good fine brush would be great and if you can try the beauty blender or sonya kashuk sponges they are a wonder. I have tried the beauty blender and sonya kashuk and I find the results amazing. But like brushes you have to keep 'em clean to avoid zits and possible skin infection.