Monday, August 9, 2010

Trusted Online Sellers

I like to shop online and I shop like crazy sometimes, this is one vice I am very guilty of lol.  I have transacted with different sellers and today I am giving tribute to these outstanding online sellers who deserves recognition for excellent customer service. Not just excellent customer service but honesty as well. Thank you guys for the pleasant online shopping experience.

Multiply is one of the sites I shop and here are my top multiply sellers:

Shoe Luxury:

I have 2 beautiful pairs of gladiator type sandals  from Jayree Mitz Chua. I love the sandals for it's hip style and quality. Jay is such a nice person to transact with. I was confined at the hospital when she informed me that my pre-ordered footwear has already arrived and it took me a couple of days to settle the payment but she was so understanding and patiently waited for me to make the payment. When I sent her an sms telling her that the sandals did not fit me she gladly told me she could change the size if I can still wait or I can choose from any of their on hand items. It was not Jay's fault that the sandals did not fit after all the sizing chart was placed on her site, I had the correct foot bed size but since it was a gladiator type and my feet got bigger because I gained some weight I could not zip it up.Here is 5 shoes up for Shoe Luxury for a great service!

HD Makeup:

Ms. Christephanie Chua communicates well with her clients and she responds immediately to inquiries. My experience with her was very smooth and the items are authentic. I bought NYX round lipstick from her and she gave me a correct description of the product. I will transact with her again as the whole experience was pleasant. 5 lippies for your Steph!

Organic Skin Care:

I love the Coastal Scents 88 palette I bought from Alona Ocampo of Organic Skin Care. Let's get real, there are a lot of bogus sellers on the internet, especially those that sells makeup. When I was a newbie to online shopping I almost got scammed by someone who advertised that she sells authentic MAC products when in fact all she had were replicas. It wouldn't bother me if she at least indicated that she was selling replicas but to post it as authentic is different. I am glad Alona is not one of them and she will give you, your money's worth.  5 blushes for you Alona!

Woof If Dogs Could Talk:

I love buying stuff for my fur babies and I bought dog training pads from Nicola.I admire the way she communicated with me and how she answered all my inquiries about the product.  I definitely will transact with her again! Here are 5 paw prints for you Nicola!

Ebay is one of the biggest online shopping site and well in my experience almost all of them are honest sellers except from a few rotten apples who got mixed in with the good ones and left a stench on other good ebay sellers. Here are my fave ebay sellers:


I have bought great bargain goods from Yvonne Marie Leyson and she always respond to text inquiries and emails. She is also a patient seller and you also get the items as described in her ebay ad page. I love the bargain finds I bought from her. Way to go Yvonne!


Lanie del Rosario of Genswifey store in ebay sells clothes and bags. I transacted with her just once but she has left me with a very good impression that makes me want to transact with her again. I bought this violet smocking spaghetti dress. She said the bust line is 36 but when the item arrived it would not fit me. I contacted Lanie and told her what happened she said she was sorry and would gladly replace the item and she let me chose clothes from her ebay shop. What made the transaction unforgettable was that not only did she not ask me not to send her shipping fee for the item she was sending me but she sent me the new item before I was able to return the item I was going to replace! She also sent me a jumpsuit for free just because she made a mistake in providing details which was no big deal since she allowed me to exchange it for another dress.I appreciate her a lot and the good customer service she provided!

Anne's Exclusive:

Brianne Xander Dionela's ebay shop is full of great bargain items. I bought this beautiful venus cut dress and a nice sexy sleeveless top from her that I really like. She was always pleasant to transact with and was prompt in sending invoices as well as the items. Thanks Anne for the hassle free transaction.

Tina Tindera:

If you like accessories Tina Tindera shop is the place for you. The owner Christina Chua is a seller you can rely on. I have transacted with her a number of times and she always deliver the items on time and not just that she informs you if the items are on its way to you. I love the vintage pocket/necklace watch I bought from her and other beautiful accessories.

So far this is my first tribute to trustworthy online sellers and I will post some time soon the next tribute to other worthy online sellers. By the way to check for online scammers you can check on the Officially Banned page on multiply. At least you would be aware who to stay away from. Till then ladies....

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