Monday, May 3, 2010

All About Me Mondays: Memoir of My High School Teacher

I spent more than half my life in school ... as a student.
And another 10 years as a classroom teacher.

It only seems fitting that I make some effort to celebrate
Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3 - 7).

What better way to celebrate than assigning some homework?

Take a little stroll down memory lane ...
all the way back to the hollowed halls ...
of your school years - the days of raising your hand, 
taking tests, and making the grade ;)

Tell us about the teacher(s) who made a difference in your life.

Make it a list or a story - your choice!


I met Mr. B in senior year in high school he was my social studies teacher. Mr. B was kind of strict at  first and do not tolerate b.s in his class. I never thought I would like being in his class. Mr. B was my teacher for a year but the friendship lasted until now. Mr. B taught me and my class to stand up for our rights. To just not accept the wrong things being done by some officials  but to stand up against it. Mr. B helped me find my voice and taught me how to stand up and fight for my rights. He also blessed me with his friendship all through these years.  Mr. B encouraged my whole class to aim for the sky, this has greatly encouraged me ad it does pay to be in the company of good people because you get influenced by them in a good way. It's been 12 years since I graduated from high school but I will never forget Mr. B and how a boring social studies class turned out to be very interesting. I wish there are more teachers like Mr. B.

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  1. I am sure Mr. B would love to know all of this :) Great tribute.