Monday, August 9, 2010

TCP: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This might be an old movie way back in the early 2000 but since TCP's theme for today is something Greek hahaha this was the first thing that crossed my mind! I just love this hilarious movie. Just think what it's like to marry someone with a different background as yours and when weddings happen families on both sides usually meddles! Every woman wants her day to be special just like Toula but when family members are involved hahaha it could be messy. But well the wedding went through and everyone was happy at the end. It's one of my feel good movie picks. What's yours?


  1. i've heard a lot about this film, they say it's funny but i didn't get the chance to actually watch it. nice post!

  2. I love this movie too! A feel-good movie indeed! :)