Sunday, May 8, 2011

Single No More!

It's been ages since I last wrote a a thing in here and I missed it a lot. I miss my blogging friends and being able to share what I feel without the oppress of toll...duh blogging here is free (thanks google). Well, I'd like to say hello again to everyone and I hope you are all still around and I just wanna take time to say I've missed you all.

Okay where the heck have I been? Well major ...major stuff dahrlings! The Single Sassy Chick is no longer single. I got married on Valentine's Day at a very private and intimate ceremony. The beginning and the end. The beginning of a new chapter and an end to my carefree single life. But what the heck this is cyberspace and I guess it's not a sin to pretend once in a while that I am  still a single and carefree lass. When I am here I guess I will always be the Single Sassy Chick :).

To all the single chicks out there here is hoping you find the right man to marry. To the once single chicks here's wishing you married bliss!


                                                               the single sassy chick 


  1. wow that good news, congratulations. Now from a sassy chick to a sassy wife. Should we count now before we call you sassy mom?

    Here's my GT entry, hope you check it out too
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  2. I agree. Welcome to the world of being a Sassy wife then. hehehe! Congratulations! and thanks for dropping by my blog. Followed you. Hope you follow me back :)